international student degrees and admissions

study in america at gwynedd mercy university

gwynedd mercy university welcomes international students who want to earn a degree from an american university.  our 314-acre, private campus provides a perfect home away from home where you can meet new friends, immerse yourself in american culture, and develop the knowledge and skills you need to make a difference in your career and your community.

when international students graduate from gmercyu, they are prepared for career success and ready to lead productive lives of deep meaning and value – no matter where in the world they call home.



gmercyu international student admission requirements

at gmercyu, welcoming international students to campus is important to us!  that’s why we have simplified the admissions process.   

international student first-year (freshmen) student admission requirements

to enroll as an undergraduate international student at gwynedd mercy university, you need to:

complete the online undergraduate admissions application.


gmercyu will not require students to submit standardized test scores for fall 2021.

if you choose not to submit an sat or act score, but are applying for admission to any of the programs listed below, you will need to:

  • submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher in a subject related to their desired major (e.g., a biology teacher if the student is seeking admission to gmercyu’s biology program)
  • schedule an in-person or virtual interview with a member of the gmercyu admissions team

accounting - cpa track
computer information science (cis)
medical laboratory science
occupational science (pre-ot program)
radiation therapy
radiologic technology
respiratory care
social work

letters of recommendation are not required for other programs, but are recommended. if submitted, the letter of recommendation should discuss the applicant’s character and promise as a university student.

other applicants may also be asked to submit an essay or personal statement and/or be asked to participate in an interview during the application review process. 

along with your application, you will need to:

  • show satisfactory completion of (or current enrollment in) at least 16 units in prescribed and elective subjects as indicated on your high school transcript:
    • english: 4 units
    • mathematics: 3 units
    • science: 3 units
    • history: 1 unit
    • college preparatory electives: 3 units
  • first-year students must have a cumulative gpa of at least 2.5. 
  • some programs, such as the nursing program, have higher gpa and coursework requirements. contact the admissions office or refer to the undergraduate catalog for additional detail. 

sat and act test scores

students seeking admission for the 2021-2022 academic year are not required to submit sat or act test scores, but they are welcome to do so. 

  • if you choose to submit sat or act scores, you can send them directly to gwynedd mercy university from the testing agencies or as part of your official high school transcript. our sat code is 2278. our act code is 3583.
  • students applying to any of the programs listed above who choose to submit sat or act scores do not need to submit a letter of recommendation or schedule an admissions interview.


have your transcript evaluated by world education services or educational credential evaluators.

  • we require a course-by-course evaluation from one of the above credentialing services for all schools outside the u.s.


specific departments may have additional requirements.


score at least a 79 on the internet-based toefl test or a 6.0 on the ielts test.

  • toefl and ielts scores lower than the minimum will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • international students whose native language is english are not required to submit scores.
  • international students are exempt from submitting toefl scores if they score high enough on the sat or act.
    • sat: minimum score of 500 in evidence-based reading and writing
    • act: earn a 22 composite score or higher
  • students who meet academic requirements for admission but need to improve their english language skills can still attend gmercyu, but must meet the following conditions:
    • admission is conditional and the student will be referred to our english language partner to improve language skills
    • once the student meets the requirement for english proficiency, they will be allowed to start their program.
    • while students are participating in the els program, they may reside on campus at gmercyu. please contact the office of international programs for details.


please submit your foreign transcript evaluation report, recommendation letters (optional), and other necessary documents to:

office of admissions
gwynedd mercy university
1325 sumneytown pike
p.o. box 901
gwynedd valley, pa 19437

international transfer student admission requirements

if you have completed high school (secondary school) and have been enrolled in a college or university in the us or overseas and earned 24 or more transferable credit hours, you should apply as a transfer student. 

application materials needed for an international transfer student:

  • complete the online undergraduate admissions application
  • official transcript from each us college you attended
  • if you attended colleges or universities outside of the us, have your foreign transcripts evaluated by world education services or educational credential evaluators. we require a course-by-course evaluation from one of the above credentialing services. 
  • additional departmental requirements may apply

applicants who have had nursing education outside of the u.s. must have transcripts evaluated by cgfns.

please call our admissions office at 800-342-5462 if you have questions about how to apply to gmercyu as a transfer student or to learn which of your credits will transfer.

international student graduate admission general requirements 

to enroll as a graduate-level international student at gwynedd mercy university, please contact the international students program at before starting your application to get specific instructions on how to apply to gmercyu’s graduate programs.

in general, you will need to:

  • have your transcript evaluated by world education services or educational credential evaluators if you hold a bachelor's degree from an institution outside of the u.s. we require a course-by-course evaluation from one of the above credentialing services.
  • score at least a 79 on the internet-based toefl test or a 6.0 on the ielts test.
  • two supervisory letters of recommendation.
  • additional departmental requirements may apply.
  • if you’re applying to our master's level nursing programs, you must have an r.n. license that is valid in the u.s. if you have a bachelor's degree from outside the u.s., but have a valid u.s. r.n. license, you will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

gmercyu conditional admission requirements for f-1 visa international students

gwynedd mercy university may offer you conditional admission if you are an international student who requires english language instruction before you can begin your studies at the university level. if you would like to request a letter of conditional admission, provide us with:

  • completed online undergraduate admissions application. there is no application fee to apply to gmercyu.
  • high school and/or university transcripts in english
  • completed GMercyU International Student Financial Declaration & Certification form
  • a copy of your el school enrollment letter or i-20.

scholarships for f-1 visa international students

to make your american education even more affordable, international students may be eligible to receive a gwynedd mercy university undergraduate scholarship.  

scholarships for international first-year students
for international students who have not previously enrolled in any postsecondary colleges or universities, you may be eligible for a first-year student scholarship as outlined on the scholarships page.

scholarships for international transfer students (24+ transferable credit hours)
for international students transferring from another college or university, you also may be eligible for one of our transfer scholarships. learn more on gmercyu's scholarships page.

international student support from gmercyu

gmercyu’s international student liaison supports and advises international students and scholars on visa-related issues, work authorization and more. we’re committed to assisting students in a timely and accurate way.

if you have questions, please feel free to email jesse ruhl at or call 215-646-7300, ext: 21584.

how to maintain your u.s. student visa

If you’re a current GMercyU international student, it’s vital you maintain your U.S. student visa to avoid problems with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration services. Here are a few things GMercyU international students in the U.S. should do:

  1. read and respond to all emails from gmercyu’s office of international programs
  2. enroll in a full course load each semester (12 credits for undergrads and nine credits for graduate students)
  3. tell the office of international programs about significant changes in your life (changes of address or major, plans to take a leave of absence, class withdrawals, etc.)
  4. work only with authorization
  5. get a travel signature before traveling outside of the u.s.
  6. abide by grace periods. you may enter the u.s. 30 days before your program starts and must leave the country within 60 days of the end of your program.