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Story Last Updated: June 2017
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Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and the Hulk aren’t the typical heroes found in history classes, but wissahickon高中 teacher and Gwynedd Mercy University alum 蒂姆·史密斯 ’08 isn’t your typical teacher.

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“It lets students think in a different way. It’s not, ‘Memorize this,’ or ‘Memorize that.’ Comic books come out every week or two weeks so they can immediately change the storyline to reflect what’s going on,” Smyth said.

From Classroom to Comic Con

动漫展国际 in San Diego on using comics in education.

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Smyth credits the professors for encouraging him to pursue the topic for his thesis presentation.

“I didn’t realize until later how much assurance I was given. I don’t think I ever would have included comics in my teaching without this support,” Smyth said.

“GMercyU gave me the push I needed and I now encourage my own students to research their passions as a result.”

From Comics to History Lessons

“You do need to share what you do,” Smyth said. “Whether it’s comic books, hip hop, sports, whatever your hook or passion is, you bring it into your classroom and the kids know it. It has an impact on them.”

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